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New Collaborative Issue Brief Examines Climate Change-Related Displacement

We are pleased to present a new issue brief that examines critical issues of climate change, refugees, and land tenure rights. This is the product of a collaboration between members Landesa and BRAC generated through the Hilton Prize Coalition Collaborative Models Program. Landesa led the desk research for and writing of the brief on land and climate change, with a specific focus on slow onset displacement due to drought. The brief highlights a case study by BRAC in Uganda as one of the countries where slow-onset disaster has taken a toll in recent years, and presents best practices as well as a call to action. Read more and download the brief here.

Hilton Prize Coalition Highlights of 2016

With a presence in more than 170 countries, members of the Hilton Prize Coalition are uniquely positioned to innovate solutions across the globe, working together as well as independently to achieve greater collective impact. Here is a snapshot of achievements from the Coalition's first year under its current organizational structure.


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