On Shifting Ground

 A Production of The Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program

Rasmi Dangol speaking to Pasang Diki Sherpa_71 yrs old from Helambu-8 Sindhupalchouk_in temporary shelter provided by HelpAge after earthquake

(The Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Crew films in Sindhupalchowk, in a temporary shelter provided by HelpAge International Nepal nine months after the 2015 earthquake.)

About the Film
On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. The earthquake and aftershocks killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000. Among those who mobilized staff and resources in the world’s response to this disaster were six Hilton Prize Coalition member organizations that were embedded in Nepal – BRAC, Handicap InternationalHeifer InternationalHelpAgeOperation Smile and SOS Children’s Villages.

Nine months after the disaster, these organizations came together under the Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program to share their experiences before, during, and immediately following the earthquake. Over the course of February 2016, photojournalist and filmmaker Steve Connors traveled throughout Nepal to capture stories told by staff working on the ground. Supporting Mr. Connors was a crew comprised of individuals from the different Coalition member organizations.

WATCH: "On Shifting Ground"

About the Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program
The Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program highlights lessons learned by the world’s most extraordinary humanitarian organizations, and is itself a mechanism for collaboration.

With the production of "On Shifting Ground" as the Storytelling Program pilot, The Hilton Prize Coalition has created a new model for collaboration to achieve collective impact. With tools and support from the Coalition, the organizations featured are now formalizing a collaborative framework around program delivery that arose organically from their participation in the film.

As Nepal’s focus shifts from recovery to rehabilitation, the Hilton Prize Coalition aims to capture and broadcast the invaluable voices of those on the ground, both in times of stability and in times of disaster, and to build a storytelling movement that amplifies the voice of the community.

PRESS RELEASE: Hilton Prize Coalition Releases Film Highlighting Role of Development Organizations in Humanitarian Response to Nepal Earthquake
Film Is Part of Storytelling Program to Amplify Community Voices and Catalyze Greater Collaboration on Disaster Relief and Resiliency Efforts

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DEVEX VIDEO: Storytelling and Collaboration Among Aid Organizations
Global Impact's Ann Canela Speaks to Devex's President Raj Kumar about the Hilton Prize Coalition's Storytelling Program in Nepal, how it was developed, and the Coalition's goal for future programs.

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BLOG SERIES: Voices from Nepal
Director Steve Connors, along with members of Storytelling crew, shared insights about their experiences during the February filming process and beyond. The blog series "Voices from Nepal," with all posts below, highlights the collaboration that took place on the ground.

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Infographic_Storytelling_Collaborative Model

BRAC_Marketing Offer_Image 1

(Director Steve Connors interviews Sheetal Tuladhar of BRAC with beneficiaries in February 2016)

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